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Arka Team

Czech NePoPo® Training Group

Mondioring, IGP, service and hunting training

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Our goal

We want to create a group of people with the same love: Dog Training and NePoPo®! The goal is to learn, understand and implement the NePoPo® system into your specific training goals!

So it doesn't matter what industry you are in. IGP, Mondioring, nosework, etc.

Who we want?

Highly motivated handlers who want to educate themselves and share our passion for modern dog training. We are looking for handlers who are able to throw away preconceived ideas and take on a new challenge. We are looking for people who will form a unique group with us, full of cohesion, team spirit, support and humour. Become a member of our team!

We offer

  • One-day team training every weekend

  • Weekend team training every month

  • Every 6 months 4-day training camp


  • Online team secret FB group

  • Bargain purchase on the Arka K9 e-shop

  • Discounts on selected Arka K9 events

  • And many other benefits


  • Participation in the 4-day camps is mandatory.

  • Participation in the full weekend training sessions is 50% mandatory

  • You must post at least 3 training videos per month to the FB group

  • Update personal training plans min. every 14 days

Membership price for 6 months

New member - 360 euro

Extension - 240 euro

I want to become a member
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