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Nutritional supplements for dogs

Working dog needs the best!


Regeneration, performance, muscle building and much more must be addressed by owners of working dogs so that their dogs prepared for top performance.

We bring  you the best nutritional supplements for working dogs.


Made in Czech Republic.



The dog's energy sources are mainly fat and protein. It cannot use complex sugars ( sucrose - beet sugar ) for energy like humans. The dog gets most of its energy from fat ( approx. 45 % ) and then from protein ( approx. 35 % ). The energy source from protein is very important for the protection of the soft muscle tissues. Dogs with a low protein energy intake during exercise ( approx. below 16 % ) have been shown to have more injuries than dogs with a high protein intake ( approx. above 24 % ). The protein mixture has a loose, very fine texture and a light brown colour after the raw materials. The smell is natural from the raw materials, very intense after fish. Free of flavourings, colourings and preservatives!


For fast energy, the dog cannot use simple sugars (glucose) directly as a human does, but converts it in the body into glycogen, which is stored in the dog's muscles and then released, for example, during high physical stress. Glycogen consists of a large number of glucose molecules linked to each other by glycosidic bonds, which are gradually released during exercise and supply the body with energy. Most glycogen is stored in the muscles of the dog - about 2/3 and then in the liver - about 1/3. Its reserve is depleted after about 20 - 40 minutes, depending on the intensity of the load, and muscle glycogen is used as a source of energy very first of all energy components that the dog can use (protein and fat). If glycogen is depleted from the body, the first place as a new source of energy is used protein from muscle and only much later fats. In this case the dog loses muscle mass and consequently its further performance is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to supply his body with sufficient glucose and specific free amino acids before intense exercise, so that glycogen reserves are still formed and muscle fibre breakdown does not occur during exercise and especially afterwards - during recovery.

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