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What is NePoPo®

Language of Modern DogTraining

NePoPo® is a system created by Bart and Michael Bellon. It stands for Negative Positive Positive. It is a complex system that makes communication between dog and handler more effective because the dog does not resist it, but instead finds benefits in it itself. In this system, it is the dog who leads the whole training and does not just blindly follow the handler.

The result is a very confident dog that follows every command with heart and soul.

At NePoPo® we combine the best of both worlds: a positive way and old school. Remember: the best of both worlds. The system is the perfect balance between motivation and concentration.

NePoPo® is lifestyle


NePoPo® School


NePoPo® New Silver School

  • Three-day course (8 h/day). Michael and Bart Bellon will teach in English.

  • In the New Silver program, students will focus on NePoPo® theory. Students must first learn the language in order to become creators of their own NePoPo® program, which will be tailored to each dog individually.

  • When discussing training systems, we will emphasize how important it is to stay both within the limits of the law, but also within the limits of its perception. It is easy to apply NePoPo® within these limits because NePoPo® is the language of modern dog training and is a politically correct, humane and effective dog training system that allows for wide application while remaining within the strictest rules.

  • All students must understand the vocabulary of behaviorists and psychologists who teach behavior formation and memory: eg positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment, classical conditioning and operant conditioning and how to specifically apply them all with NePoPo®.

  • During the NePoPo® New Silver program, students will learn in depth what PoPo training is, what NePo training is, and what NePoPo® training is and the powerful aspects of each system.

  • All students must pass the final exam with a minimum of 90% to be a NePoPo® New Silver graduate.

  • Minimum age to participate is 21 years.

NePoPo® New Silver School Dates:

NePoPo® New Gold School

  • Only NePoPo® Silver School graduates and NePoPo® New Silver School graduates are eligible for NePoPo® New Gold School.

  • Hands-on training with your own dog (or a dog provided by a NePoPo® Gold multiplier) under the guidance and supervision of a NePo® Gold multiplier of your choice. This NePoPo® Gold Multiplier is a Master Coach and a certified NePoPo® Gold graduate. Martin Laco (Arka K9) is a certified NePoPo® Gold Multiplier and you can attend the NePoPo® New Gold School with him.

  • After that, the practical work of applying the theory can begin. Students will work with their dogs and see other dogs work in NePoPo®. Training aids and how and why we use them at NePoPo® will be discussed. You will learn how to solve behavioral problems using NePoPo® and create clear and effective solutions.

  • NePoPo® is developed and trademarked by Bart and Michael Bellon.

  • Only certified NePoPo® Gold Graduates and new NePoPo® Gold Graduates may use the NePoPo® logo and may teach NePoPo®.

NePoPo® New Gold School with Arka K9

Why with us?

After graduating from the NePoPo® Gold School, I threw myself into training my own dog, it was necessary to implement the acquired knowledge into practice. So teach your dog top obedience, jumping and defense for Mondioring according to NePoPo® standards. My dog Raven is proof that I succeeded.

Then came the next step. Can I implement the system on other dogs as well? Different individuals, breeds and for a different goal? I founded Arka Team - Czech NePoPo® Training Group, where we are dedicated to Mondioring, IGP, service and hunting dog training. Arka Team is once again proof that dogs have performance according to NePoPo®.

Based on these experiences, I verified that I understand NePoPo® and can pass the system on. I also verified that long-term practice is a must. 

At NePoPo® Gold School with Arka K9, it's all about quality. About the transfer of knowledge and practice of the NePoPo® system. Only if you have a deep understanding of the NePoPo® system will you stand out in the market as a new NePoPo® Instructor. Knowledge and experience must be behind the NePoPo® certificate. That's our philosophy.

Terms and conditions of the New NePoPo® Gold School with Arka K9

  • 5 days of practical training with other students

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening fun together - NePoPo® Family!

  • 3 months to implement both theory and practice

  • During these 3 months the student can stop by for training at any time, the events are free of charge, online support is a matter of course

  • After 3 months, 5 more days of practical training with a group of students

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening fun together - NePoPo® Family!

  • Upon successful completion, convenient pricing with Ark K9, mentoring, coaching, etc.

We look forward to seeing you!


Price includes:

  • 2x 5 days of practice training (8 hours per day)

  • Accommodation for 2x 5 days

  • Meal for 2x 5 days (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Certification New NePoPo® Gold School (after passing the school successfully)

If you are interested:
Contact us by email at


We both have the honor and privilege of guiding New NePoPo®️ Silver School students to put theory into practice and become New Nepopo®️Gold graduates. We have several years of experience with the NePoPo®️lifestyle and have raised and trained just as athletic as domestic dogs.

Our goal is to create a Nepopo®️family where we train, chat and eat together! That's why we offer a 3-month project. The first five-day training camp, followed by a three-month period of in-depth training and online guidance. Then a second camp lasting 5 days to fine-tune the established practice. We are confident that you will then have all the tools in your hands to become a master trainer in modern dog training! 

➡️The topics are:

✅Puppy development (how to build solid foundations)

✅The importance of clicker training


✅Creating ignition for training

✅Using tools 

✅Use of mechanical and electronic devices

✅Classical and operant conditioning

✅Four quadrants

✅Forced/unforced fetch


✅Obedience training

✅Smelly work

✅Tips and tricks



We offer accommodation and food (included in the price). 

Teaching takes place in English, Czech, Dutch and French. 

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at or


We hope to see you all soon!

Best regards

Martin and Nathalie


for pet dogs


for working dogs

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