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My story

My name is Martin. When I started with dogs, I was never satisfied with the popular advice like "you must have better rewards", "that's how everybody does it", "that's just the way it is", etc. I guess it's also because I'm a mechanical engineer and so I had a great urge to understand things in depth from a young age.


So I became more interested in dog training, attended classes, courses, seminars. Nowadays there are many possibilities, the market is flooded with popularization articles, books, courses, etc. and it is very difficult to find your way around. At one end of the spectrum there's marketing-appealing positive training and at the other there's old school.


After years of exploration, I was introduced to the NePoPo® system. A system that combines just the best of the world of positive training and old school. A system that fits every dog without distinction and has a foundation built on science. More about the NePoPo® system here.


So I graduated from the most prestigious canine school in Belgium, the NePoPo® School of Michael and Bart Bellon. I am the only one in the country who has international certification IACP for dog training - professional level.



The procedures I use in training are based on scientifically proven facts and are in line with maintaining the welfare of the dog.

So I am not a dog whisperer and dog psychologist, but a professional canine trainer who has proven his theoretical and practical knowledge according to international standards.


I am a straightforward person who tells things straight. It is important to me that the client receives unbiased information that may be marketable but may not work in the long run. I believe that my personal approach, professional canine education and humility are great enablers to achieve our mutual goals.


I currently have two dogs. A German Shepherd named Arka and a Belgian Malinois - Raven, which I am now preparing for Mondioring Cat3 together with the Arka Team.


NePoPo® Gold Multipricator

European Committee Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)


We learn from the world class dogtrainers: Michael and Bart Bellon, Hans Verbruggen, Piotr Kaczmarek, Tobias Oleynik, Helmut Raiser and others

Holder of the national certificate for education and training of dogs in the Czech Republic (certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science)

Certificate of NePoPo® Silver School (Belgium)

Certificate NePoPo® Gold School (Belgium)

E-collar certificate NePoPo® School (Belgium) - professional use of electronic collar

Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

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