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For preparing the dog for intense exercise, muscle development and for recovery after exercise or illness !

Made only from high quality ingredients for dogs !

Very suitable for sick dogs with inflammation - gastritis, kidney failure, allergies, etc. !

Protein digestibility over 85% !


The protein mixture we offer does not come from sources for human sports nutrition, but is only raw materials intended for intensive nutrition of carnivorous animals. These are hydrolysis modified proteins (shortening of long protein chains to short basic amino acid chains) from natural raw materials - three types of fish, sea krill and poultry liver. These amino acid groups are so small that they are not recognizable to the immune system and cannot trigger an allergic reaction, so: hydrolyzed proteins do not cause allergies in dogs! In addition, these proteins have a very high digestibility in the dog's body and do not burden the dog's digestive tract before or during exercise, e.g. during endurance races, as well as during illness, recovery from major surgery, inflammation of the stomach or intestines, or liver or kidney failure - they do not burden these organs with metabolites from the breakdown of complex proteins, which must then be filtered out of the blood.


Made in the Czech Republic.

Protein for dogs (1kg)

  • Herring protein - hydrolyzate, Sardine protein - hydrolyzate, Krill protein - hydrolyzate, Liver protein - hydrolyzate, Dried whole egg, Brewer's yeast.